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See available works below with names and prices in the details.  To purchase pieces, request a commission, or learn more contact Ian directly at or by leaving a message.


alone in a crowd

This series explores access, inclusion, and isolation. Questioning who is being seen and asking us to consider the stories of others which color their experience of the world.


Combining painting with post-stroke journal entries it explores accessibility as a physical and abstract concept. Through depictions of marginalized people in seemingly innocuous everyday situations, the work plumbs the subjective reality of personal narrative and the invisible boundaries within our community, asking the viewer to consider who holds power and agency.


In the process of creating the series I have begun experimenting with incorporating braille and intentional building of surface texture of painted imagery to enrich the experience for low vision viewers. The series includes multiple braille experiments, exploring the use of braille descriptors to help navigate the work and braille transcription of the decoupaged journal entries.

current catalog

Created from 2018 through 2022, the following pieces are available for purchase or for curating a show. Reach out to for more information.

Veridian Drips - Edited_edited.png

archived work

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